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Mandarin and Chinese Culture Immersion Summer Camp in China

The program is not only an academic in-class Chinese learning experience but also a unique program that immerses participants into authentic life with local high school students, promoting cultural exchanges and communications by attending sports and cultural activities together. The schedule is perfectly balanced among courses, sports, activities, cultural related electives, cultural visits and leisure travel. On weekend, visiting trips to other famous cities are included.

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* Shanghai and Canton
* Chinese class held in a small group in the mornings with total immersion environment
* Hotel in campus is carefully selected for comfort and safety
* Weekend trip to 2nd city close to host city
* Full program of cultural and sports activities with participation of local high school students
* 24/7 bilingual counsellors and on-site program supervisor

Major Program Components
* Chinese language classes
* Activities: football, basket ball, ice skating, martial arts, calligraphy, ink-water painting, acrobatics show, barbeque night etc.
* Weekend visiting trips to other cities
* Accommodation
* Meals

Week Sample Schedule

A Typical Week Schedule







Sat / Sun

7:20 - 7:50

Wake up, embrace a new day and enjoy breakfast


Weekend trip



Leave for Chinese class

8:00 - 8:50

Chinese lessons

8:50 - 9:00


9:00 - 9:50

Chinese Lessons

9:50 -10:00


10:00 -10:50

Chinese lessons

10:5 0-11:00


11:00 -11:50

Chinese lessons

12:00 -14:00

Lunch Break








Great Wall

Summer palace

Lama temple




Dinner break









Chinese Party

Chinese Movies

Making Dumplings

Departure for Shanghai


Shower, ready for bed



USD1820 / student
USD1480 / parent


Jul 13 – Jul 25
Aug 10 – Aug 22

Student price covers:
* Advice and information provided pre departure and throughout the program
* Airport pick-up and drop-off
* Welcome pack upon arrival including guidebook, international phone cards and an Allied Gateway T-shirt
* Pens, maps, notebook, dictionary, Textbooks, study materials, certificates
* 24/7 bilingual counsellors and on-site program supervisor
* Tuition for Chinese class of 15 hours every week
* Accommodation
* Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking water, snacks, fruit
* Team building, sports, entertainment, performance, cultural activities and workshops in afternoon or evening or weekdays
* Culture excursions to other cities (including transportation, accommodation, admission fee, meals)

Parent price covers:
* Everything except welcome pack, language course, academic counselling, textbooks, study materials and certificates

Do you offer housing during the program? What's it like?
Yes, we offer housing arrangement. All the students will be lodged in local hotel with Chinese roommate of similar age.

Parents and teachers are accommodated at the same hotel.

What kind of food does the program serve?
Chinese food is mainly served during the trip.

Daily sample menu?
Breakfast: cereal, juice, milk, pastries, bread, dumpling, bum etc

Lunch & dinner : rice with beef, pork and chicken, vegetables, dumplings, fried noodle etc

How about Teaching Methodology?
The mandarin classes are held at the leading universities in China . The classes incorporate such skills and knowledge as listening, speaking, reading, writing, role-play, games, quiz, review and Chinese culture and history. Classes focus on speaking and listening skills, and are mainly conducted in Chinese. But the teacher does speak English.

How long does one lesson last in a class?
40 minutes (three lessons every morning from Monday to Friday)

What are the activities that you offer?
They include team building activities like basketball, sports activities like ice skating, martial arts, ping pong, cultural workshops like calligraphy, ink-water painting, paper cut and other relaxing activities like watching acrobatics show, city tour, barbeque night, etc.

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